My collaborators and I stage several "performance pilgrimages" in different border cities. In Tijuana-Niagara, Emily Hicks and I spend a month working along the US/Canadian border, between Ontario and New York State, using New York's Art Park as a base of operations. We travel in a mobile temple created from pseudo-indigenous souvenirs and religious kitsch purchased in Tijuana and Niagara Falls. We carry out 15 "performance actions" including the auctioning of border art, spiritual consultation "for tourists," begging for money in costume, photo sessions with "authentic border shamans and witches," and broadcasting bilingual poetry with a huge megaphone from one shore of the Niagara River to the other.

That same year, several Tijuana performance artists and I gather at the municipal cemetery of Tijuana and attempt to cross the US-Mexico border checkpoint in costume. From 1987 to 1990, I attempt several times to cross the border in costume. I am rejected three times, and those rejected personas never find their way into my performances.


*Radio Free Pocha