We gradually begin to surrender our will to the audience, allowing them to shape the content of our work by manipulating us in tableaux and joining us in performing composite identities dictated by the fears and desires of museum visitors. El Mexterminator project becomes even more participatory, encouraging audience members to interact with us in various modes. They can touch us, smell us, hand feed us. They can spray paint our bodies, point fake weapons at us, braid our hair, change our make-up, put different wigs and headdresses on us, using the performers as life-sized paper dolls. They put dog leashes on us, engaging in consensual power games. Some people decide to get rough while holding the leash, especially the most conservative-looking ones. Wherever we go, we invite local artists, curators, intellectuals, or activists to stage their own dioramas within the larger piece.


*Radio Free Pocha