The US experiences on its own soil its worse terrorist attack ever. The neo-cons in power rapidly transform the country into a closed society ruled by paranoid nationalism and fear. An unprecedented era of censorship for artists and intellectuals begins. This climate forces La Pocha to spend more than half of the year outside the country, becoming Chicano expatriates abroad. We begin to compare notes with Arab and Persian artists based in the US and the UK regarding the demonization of the brown body. My projects with Mexico are interrupted by Homeland Security.

I begin touring my solo performance Brownout, using Spanglish, acid Chicano humor, and hybrid literary genres as subversive strategies. The script intertwines two discourses. One is a poetic/political account of the times. A parallel discourse recounts my inner hell during the recovery from my liver crash. From now on, my solo work will be increasingly more personal. I often broadcast live from the theater to a local radio station.

Gustavo and I re-edit The Great Mojado with newfound footage.


*Radio Free Pocha