I premiere a solo performance titled The Mexorcist: America's Most Wanted Inner Demon (2006-08). Shifting between languages and performance personae, I reflect on the post 9/11 condition, the "War on Terror," the new anti-immigration hysteria, and their impact on our notions of identity, community, nationality, and activist politics. Americans of all ages and ethnicities are finally fed up with the war and with the Bush administration.

Bitácora del Cruce is published by El Fondo de Cultura Económica (Mexico City).  The book contains a selection of my border diaries and performance texts from 1970 up to the present. It starts in 1970 Mexico City (in Spanish) and, as I move north, the text slowly incorporates more Spanglish. The last chapters are in English and "robo-esperanto." It is the first time a book of this multilingual nature has ever been published by a major Mexican publishing house. Sadly, after an exhaustive internal controversy within the institution, they decide not to distribute it outside of Mexico. Their claims are that the book does not represent the ethos of FCE, that it is "too weird," and "has too much Spanglish." Eventually a letter campaign of Pocha associates and sympathizers forces them to begin its international distribution.

My Chihuahua son "Babalu" is born in Northern California. He will soon become a regular troublemaker on YouTube. His performance series is titled The Chihuahua Diaries.

*Radio Free Pocha