2007 (1)

I work as "image consultant" and "performance adviser" for the campaign of Krissy Keiffer, a San Francisco activist lesbian dancer who runs for Congress under the Green Party ticket. My job is to produce provocative photo-portfolios for the media and suggest performative strategies for her campaign. The Green party campaign officers are weirded out by my suggestions.

I complete the first part of my tattoo project: My torso and arms are all connected in a sort of total "skin mural".

Due to the militarization of Oaxaca, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tucson invites La Pocha Summer School to temporarily relocate to Arizona. They provide us with a huge warehouse for the month of August where we hold workshops for artists from 8 different countries as well as indigenous Arizonians. We continue to nurture multi-national communities of rebel artists that ignore the existence of borders.

Video Data Bank (Chicago) publishes Border Clásicos, a collection of my collaborative video art works from 1988 to the present. The "conceptual box" contains 4 DVDs with 12 video art pieces and an accompanying catalogue with critical writings by Amelia Jones, Richard Schechner, Carol Becker and others. The goal is to use this box as a teaching tool in multiple university departments.


*Radio Free Pocha