2007 (2)

La Pocha premieres The New Barbarian Collection commissioned by Arnolfini (Bristol, the UK) on the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK. Working with an international troupe of 15 performance artists and a fashion designer, we appropriate the format of "an X-treme fashion show," engaging the audience with a variety of fashion-inspired stylized performance personas stemming from problematic media representations of foreigners, immigrants, and social eccentrics, as both enemies of the state and sexy pop-cultural rebels. The "show" explores the bizarre relationship between the post-9/11 culture of xenophobia and the rampant fetishization of otherness by global pop culture. It is about politicized human bodies far more than clothing. In this politicized fashion show, new designer hybid identities are put up for sale. The piece ends with the disturbing auction of Abu Ghraib-like imagery and couture.


*Radio Free Pocha