Violeta Luna and I jumpstart El Corazón de la Misión, a unique bus tour guiding the audience through history, vernacular anthropology, and social reality into the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, a place that expends a lot of energy dreaming of a better future. The passengers of this performance tour ride the legendary "Mexican bus" and are invited to participate in a processional as if they were characters on a parade float. They witness "the creative neighborhood" and the city as a bohemian theme park, using the windows of an immigrant bus as a vantage point from which to view the streets. Meanwhile, they eavesdrop on my mind as they listen to a pre-recorded tour commentary and engage with Violeta Luna performing live. People on the street become involuntary performers on the stage of my hood and living metaphors of a border zone. This poetic journey across a mythical Mission District "invokes the pantheon of collective gods and goddesses buried by globalization and urban hipsterism."



*Radio Free Pocha