James Luna and I reconnect to begin working on La Nostalgia, last in the series The Shame-man Meets El Mexican't. The project researches the symbolic and iconographic dimensions of nostalgia both in the Native "reservation" and the Chicano "barrio" through a series of live performances and photo shoots. We launch it with two performances. First, we stage our own ritual deaths inside coffins in a piece titled The Shame-man Meets El Mexican't at a Funeral Parlor and then we engage in a poetic dialogue while Luna cooks an Indian stew and I play roulette. While he ad libs, I choose my actions and texts according to the results of the roulette.

We deal with nostalgia as style, resistance, false identity and reinvention, in a series of re-enactments of our "best hits and outtakes for an imaginary bar". We also create a digital mural with photographer RJ Muna. We tour Alaska in November incorporating  indigenous artists into the piece.

*Radio Free Pocha